What is digital knowledge?

Digital knowledge consists of the the public facts about your business. Examples include the address, hours of operation, phone number, and drop-off points of brick-and-mortar business locations. Also included are the names, photos, credentials, locations, and office hours of professionals like doctors and insurance agents.

Even more granularly, digital knowledge can include the availability, price, location, and ingredients of specific products as well as the date, time, location, and content of brand events. This knowledge changes as your business grows, services evolve, and as your customer expectations increase.


At Yext, our customers update millions of pieces of digital knowledge every month. What are they changing? Here’s just a sampling:

  • Store addresses, phone numbers, and GPS coordinates
  • Hours of operation due to holidays or emergencies
  • Contact and profile information for professionals like advisors, agents, brokers, and doctors
  • Menu items, descriptions, and prices
  • Granular product and service details
  • Event dates, descriptions, and times
  • Photos and videos
  • Seasonal specials and related content


How does Yext work?

Yext’s industry-leading Knowledge Network of 100+ digital maps, apps, social networks, GPS systems, and search engines provide the breadth, speed, and accuracy you need to holistically manage the public facts about your business. Our direct integrations put you in control of how your business listings appear—everywhere consumers search.


How do I update my business information on Yahoo?

Yext powers both paid and free Yahoo claims. Yext is the only provider with a direct integration that allows companies to update their Yahoo listings at scale. In 2015, Yahoo tapped Yext to manage its Yahoo Local Business Claims process.

You automatically receive access to Yext when you create a Yahoo Free Basic Listing account. From your Yext dashboard you will be able to verify your business information on Yahoo, including Business Name, Categories, Phone Number, and Address. You may also add your business email and a website URL.

Any changes to information in your Yahoo business listing must be verified through proof of business information, an official document that shows your business name and address, such as a lease or utility bill. A copy of this can be submitted to Yahoo through the Yext dashboard. Once submitted, Yahoo will review your document(s), at which point they will determine if the requested changes are approved. Please note, there is no guarantee that Yahoo will approve all requested changes to your business listing.

Regardless, claiming your business listing on Yahoo via their Local Business Claims process is very valuable. By taking advantage of it, small business owners can help make sure their business listings are showing up accurately on Yahoo and ensure customers find the correct information online.


I’m a Yext customer, and I think Yext incorrectly changed my business information online. What should I do?

If your information has been changed incorrectly, please contact your Account Manager, whose contact information can be found in your Yext account.

If you do not have your Account Manager’s information, please reach out to our Support Team at [email protected], and a Yext representative will assist you.


Why is my business information incorrect online and how can I correct it?

Search engine algorithms curate results based on a diverse set of information types, which can often lead to duplicative and conflicting information online. A search engine’s algorithm delivers what it believes is the most accurate answer to the user based on its assessment of each source’s authority and reliability.

These information types include, but are not limited to:

  • Data aggregators
  • Governmental records
  • Incorporation documents
  • Information from business owners
  • Public records
  • Publications
  • User suggestions
  • Websites

There are a few ways to correct your digital knowledge, some of which are quicker than others. You can manually update information on each site by adding your business information to each individual publisher. You can also leverage a tool like Yext. Yext is just one solution that businesses can use to manage their data across the web, and going through us is not required. Our mission is to put businesses in control of their information everywhere it lives online and provide them with a central source of truth to update their information on search engines, directory sites, maps, apps, etc., in near real time.

If you are already a Yext customer and find some incorrect data about your business, contact your Account Manager, whose contact information can be found in your Yext account.


What happens when I cancel my Yext subscription?

Yext does not hold your data hostage. Cancelling your Yext subscription does not overwrite the updates you have already made through Yext, and Yext will not force your listings to revert.

When you cancel your subscription, Yext no longer sends your digital knowledge to the sites in the Knowledge Network. Afterwards, your digital knowledge becomes subject to the normal data compilation process of each publisher, which may result in your data and content changing over time.