How to Rack Up More Reviews for Your Dental Practice

When it comes to promoting your dental practice, it’s essential to understand what your potential patients are looking for and are thinking. According to a recent study done by PatientPop found that nearly 90% of all patients say that positive reviews are essential when it comes to choosing a dentist or a doctor. A positive review is like a recommendation that might arise from a friend or a family member, and it has excellent influential power.

How to Go About Gathering More Reviews

Now that we’ve established that online reviews are essential, how do you go about collecting them? One easy and effective approach is to send out automated patient satisfaction surveys. Making these emails automated will take you and your staff lots of time and will help prompt your patients to send you their feedback about their recent visit.

Not only will this help generate reviews, but it will help you to gather valuable information from your patients that can help you identify problem areas in your practice that you can then go and resolve. Responding to your patient’s concerns and complaints will help them feel heard and valued, which could even prompt a current complainer to be a future praiser.

Another helpful tip is to train your staff members to ask patients for reviews. This best practice should, with tact and a certain level of strategy, help your staff not to fear when asking your patients a few questions when they’re on their way out the door after an appointment. Some of these questions could include, “How was your dental appointment today?” or “Were you able to schedule your appointment without any hiccups?”

If the patients respond positively, your staff members can then request that the patient spend a few moments sharing those thoughts via an online review such as Google, Facebook, etc.. Be sure to give patients information on where and how they can leave a review. Make it easy for them to be able to give your positive feedback online!

How to Monitor Your Reviews

A great way to show potential clients that you’re the best out there is to monitor your reviews. When someone leaves a positive review, comment as soon as possible to thank them for their time and feedback, and even when someone leaves negative feedback, you can respond, asking them to contact you with more details so you can make it right.

A great best practice to show anyone searching for a new dentist that your dental practice cares about what their patients have to say. Be clear and concise in your responses, and remember that your goal is to appear professional. Keep an eye out for fraudulent reviews. If someone is reviewing you and they’ve never actually been to your office, be sure to flag or report the review.

Yes, Dental Reviews Matter

Perhaps you feel overwhelmed or embarrassed to ask your patients for reviews. We’re here to tell you that there’s no need to be. Patient reviews are an essential part of any business and can help people discover you more easily. If you’d like to grow your dental business, start implementing the tactics mentioned in this article today! Every effort counts, and every review brings you one step closer to gaining more patients.