7 Myths of a Dentist’s Online Profile and Data Management

7 Myths of a Dentist’s Online Profile and Data Management

In today’s world of technology, information about you and your dental practice are popping up across the internet at a rapidly growing rate — everything from customer reviews to social media tags and business listing profiles to practice location maps. And yet many dentists still DO NOT have an online profile. Or worse, they have one but can be viewed as a bad case of precrestination (A person who never brushes their teeth and waits until special occasions to brush their teeth, like when they visit the dentist or plan on kissing someone.”)


On the one hand, I understand their reticence. All this online stuff can be a bit overwhelming. If you’re not careful and not smart about it, a dentist can waste a considerable amount of time. And then there is the whole personal privacy thing too. Dentists who hold back often feel by not having an online profile that it will somehow protect their privacy. Sorry to be the one to inform you, but that isn’t 100 percent correct. Any dentist who still thinks this way should also be aware of how quickly this strategy act in reverse by backfiring on them too.


So rather than taking control of this growing issue through an online profile data management tool, many dentists will continue to downplay the importance of adding a process or software into their dental marketing strategy.


The new reality … every dentist needs a digital profile. It’s not an option if you are looking to earn a living, stay marketable, maintain and expand your patient networks and connections to grow your business. How a dentist appears online can be vast and will vary dependent on the information a patient may provide about you.


While I think the need to have an online profile data management strategy above speaks for itself, here are seven online profile marketing myths to consider.


  1. First impressions do count! This myth is true. Today first impressions happen online as often as they do in person. Don’t believe me? Have you ever asked why your new patients cancel or don’t even bother to show up? A dentist must take every opportunity to make a memorable impression virtually. Patients love to be engaged both on social media as well as in their reviews.
  2. Current patient reviews matter.  Again, this myth is true. Did you know that 86% of prospective patients or new referrals shape their perception of a dentist off of a previous customer’s review? If their search for you comes up blank or you have unresolved bad reviews, you wasted an opportunity to capture their interest.
  3. Digital profiles are making the consideration process a formality. You guessed it, true! Testimonials are still valuable, but without a well-written online profile, you might never get a chance to show up in on any search result pages.
  4. If someone cannot find you or your practice profile, are you sending a red flag? This myth is 100% true — the public’s perception of you is vital, especially when attempting to build trust and transparency. Many will view your online absence as a red flag that you might have something to hide.
  5. Your digital profile is a reflection of what your information your patients share. This myth is false. You have access to control how you appear and are perceived online by establishing your online brand. Taking control of your brand’s image will give a better experience for those searching for you while offering patients a place to share and engage with you. Ultimately allowing you to correct or resolve any negative information.
  6. Your online profile is an opportunity to tell your story the way you want it said. Absolutely true! Whether you prefer the term branding your image versus selling yourself, it doesn’t matter; it is all storytelling. Online is your chance to tell your story in such a way that highlights your strengths and downplays those other areas that may not be so strong.
  7. Your digital profile is an asset to building your practice’s brand. Correct again, this myth is true. However, for a digital profile to be vibrant and robust, you’re going to have to do a little more than providing static information. You need to get engaged with your patients online; they expect that behavior from a business that is online these days. How do you want to be viewed? A great dentist? An expert in your field?


Does your dental marketing make you feel awkward or maybe a little intimidating?

Good news! You don’t need to have a great deal of experience with advertising or marketing to gain and control your online profile using Gargle. If you’re motivated and ready to move past your common anxieties surrounding your dental marketing needs–We can’t wait to speak with you!